Your path to personal growth and to 6 figures and beyond

These are the next level conversations you’ve been longing for.

GODDESS is the mentorship for you, who wants to walk with someone who has walked the path before you.

GODDESS is your network of powerful women.

Goddess is for you who want to fully step into your personal power, and live a passionate life and business.

For you who want to create abundance on all levels.

GODDESS is high vibe, the unity, feminine leadership with IQ.

Experience the abundance of life.

GODDESS is for female entrepreneurs and feminine leaders. GODDESS is for you who want the direct path to a successful business, without compromising who you are.

What would happen in a year with your life and your business, when you decide to go all-in on your personal growth, fulfillment, and set the intention for the life you wish for, and create from the heart?

Goddess is for you who want to experience the entrepreneurial journey first class. For you who need coaching at an entirely different level. For you who feel that you are currently on the verge of scaling and growing your business, but need to crack the nut on how to do it without starting to work more hours, creating imbalance, or toiling.

It is for you who want both. For you who are here to make a difference, for yourself, your family, your clients, and for the world.

You sign up for GODDESS through an application. The GODDESS takes you on a one year journey of a lifetime. You have the option to continue in GODDESS as long as you want for continuous growth and evolution. 1 year in GODDESS including all Femmebiz programs $13.333 or 12 installments of $1.333. 

your businessmentor and coach

Hi, my name is Kim

I am the business mentor who gets you out of your comfort zone, who tells it like it is, and who supports you all the way. With me, you receive the support and guidance you need. This applies to your business, your personal development, and the more profound energy work.

When you walk with me by your side, you’re assured of having a mentor who is as committed to your success in life and business as you are. We make the impossible possible.

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