Do you want to live the life of your dreams?

Feminine Business Flow is the mentoring program for you who wants to create a sustainable business.

For you, who are ready to work with internal limitations, fear, and belief systems, and allow yourself to shine with all that you are,

Do you want to create the life you dream of, with an amazing life-work balance that suits you?

For you who want to create a sustainable business and live a life with freedom and abundance

Feminine Business Flow is for you who want the direct path to a successful business, without compromising who you are. Do you also feel that creating a business and finding the right strategy for you is overwhelming?

Feminine Business Flow is a spiritual business mentoring program where you receive help and support from someone who has walked the path before you, so you don’t have to guess your way through but can focus on what you are most passionate about.

Together, we will create your unique strategy, so you can shine with all that makes you unique, become magnetic and attract all the clients you would love to work with. Not only that, but you will also gain knowledge on how to assemble and sell your knowledge, and create the best customer journey for your clients, so they will love to continue their journey with you


"Flow is awesome"

Joining Kim’s group program is awesome. If you’ve started up as an independent entrepreneur – then I would definitely recommend Kim’s Feminine Business Flow – Kim is so committed and skilled, and the material you receive is FANTASTIC and vast – plus, you get a network of like-minded startups to reflect with, spar with, and cheer on and with. It’s worth its weight in gold

— Louise Bach Katz

Imagine the opportunities

What if I told you that running a successful business can be done with lots of easy and playfullness

I’ve been where you are now, and instead of continuing to struggle, or being among the 25% of entrepreneurs who close their business again, there is another way.

The path to success.

Imagine living off your passion, attracting your soulmate clients, and living a life with plenty of time for yourself and those you love. The freedom to plan your day exactly as you wish, and a life of abundance on all levels.

Imagine the huge difference you make for your customers, yourself, your family, and everyone you meet on your path. Imagine living off your heart’s business, and making the world a better place.

Your Life BEFORE The Flow Program:

Your Life AFTER The Flow Program

Let me introduce you to

Femmebiz Flow

The most powerful spiritual business mentoring program for you, who want to create your dream life. For you who dream of having a day-to-day life with freedom and flexibility. For you who dream of making a living from your business – without the grind

Don't just take my word for it

It feels like magic

After my vacation, I’ve been totally knocked off my feet, losing all the enthusiasm I had before. Then I listen to you for 7 minutes in module 4, and ideas and zest just start flowing back! I hear you talk about who my target audience is, what my message is, and it just comes to me. I don’t understand the magic, but it genuinely feels like magic to be in your company

— Ania

Unlimited acces to the modules for 6 months

Weekly Hot Seat Coaching for 6 months

Your unique business strategy

unlimited Q&A in the Facebook group for 6 months


“Thank you for the fantastic community you create in your group, Kim. It's amazing how much we progress – and all the content included in your program! I recommend all new business owners to join. Get a share of your golden nuggets – and all the magic that happens in the community.t”

— Louise, participant in the danish femme biz flow


weekly group coaching

The program’s weekly meetings give you a fast track to success. In the group sessions, you meet the other participants, and receive online coaching and mentoring – after each meeting, you gain new insights, and are also part of a fantastic community and network with like-minded individuals


Facebook Group

In our private Facebook group, you have the opportunity to get sparring whenever you need it. This is where we celebrate each other’s successes, and support each other daily on the journey. You will experience that you are never alone with either big or small challenges.


Worksheets & Checklists

You always know your next important areas of focus, and have your own workbook and checklist for each module. This makes it easy for you to take the modules step by step, and you always get the sparring you need, right where you are.

Choose the solution that's right for you

Value: $10,000.00

Pay in full


+ vat

10 installments


+ vat

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The participants say:


This course was exactly what I needed! I knew something new and different needed to happen in my life, I needed to create something, but I had no idea how. In addition to the empathetic guidance in emotions, thoughts, and frustrations, I have also gained so many practical tools that I can use when the time is right in relation to where my business is. At the same time, the community provides a feeling of not being alone and the opportunity to learn from each other. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

— Sabine Lundquist


In addition to the fantastic community, I have now primarily gained SO MANY tools and understanding of social media (SoMe). Kim is excellent at capturing our needs and creating tutorials, so even SoMe illiterates like me can participate. And the resources are there, so I can access and revisit them as needed.

When I started in Feminine Business Flow, I had been in an individual coaching program regarding starting up independently, which was good – but joining Kim’s group program, that kicks ass.

— Louise Bach Katz

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Meet your businessmentor and coach

Hi my name is Kim

I’m not your friend – I’m so much more! I’m the business mentor who gets you out of your comfort zone, who tells it like it is, and who supports you all the way. With me, you get the support and guidance you need. This applies to your business, your personal development, and the more in-depth energy work.

Our goal is only achieved when you are elevated to the next level or even higher.

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Frequently asked questions

You get access to the modules online, group sessions, and the Facebook group as soon as you sign up. Upon registration, you have access for 6 months, and can then choose to extend every 6th month.

You have access to the modules, as well as all old and new lives, as long as you are part of Flow. The membership in Flow can be extended for as long as it is relevant for you.

All live calls with the group are recorded and uploaded online, so you can always go back and watch them. You will have access to the last 3 months’ meetings

No. It’s only you who can create the success you desire in your business. Follow the modules, attend the Live Calls with the group (or watch the replay), and follow your unique strategy for the ultimate outcome

Not even the sky is the limit. The results you can expect depend on you, and the result you want

It means that I work with a holistic approach (the whole person), and make use of meditations, oracle cards, intuitive guidance, and visualizations

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